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Who We Are

Family Bike Ride

Ang kwento natin

Bawat iniisip. Bawat salita. Bawat aksyon.


We are committed to cultural humility, an exploration of intersectionality, and to intentionally develop healthy relationships that shape an inclusive and equitable community


We use science,



and human connection

to shape a village

that creates individual and collective wellness.


We will shape a connected and thriving village.


Our Team

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Ericka Braggs, Founder and CEO MS, BCBA

My journey started with my own struggles to stay focused and do well in school. When I first became a parent, I parented how I was parented. I found myself in many moments where I just didn't know the "right" thing to do. I felt alone on the journey. I decided to learn about behavior.

I'm a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), curriculum developer for the public school system, and counselor. I've worked with families in the school system, in the home, and thanks to the pandemic, on zoom. 

I have a passion for parent education. This is arguably our most important job. It's also the job where we get the least support.

It takes a village to raise a child and we shape that village with every thought, word, and action. I love partnering with other parents to share what I've learned about the science behind behavior and the possibilities that open up when we intentionally and thoughtfully create a family system.


Dave Braggs, MBA

I'm a dedicated parent and believe that all children should be provided the tools and opportunities to maximize their potential.  We only get one chance at parenting and our decisions, good or bad, have a lasting impact in our children's lives. I support the vision at Shape Our Village as a thought partner, as we maximize the "Million Possibilities" presented to families.  


I earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from the University of New Mexico and Master's degrees in Management and Business Administration from Webster University.


Treichae Holmes, MSBCBA, LBA, CD

I have over 12 years of experience in the field of behavior analysis and am dedicated to serving underrepresented populations through evidence-based coaching and training. I specialize in providing support to caregivers, employers, and educators of individuals with neurodiverse needs, with a particular focus on helping parents meet the unique needs of their children.

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Texas certified special education teacher and postpartum doula, I offer consultation packages that are specifically designed to provide neurodiversity affirmative care for infants, children, adolescents, and adults who have confirmed or expected diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I also recognize self-diagnosis as a valid diagnosis.

I draw on my extensive knowledge of the science of behavior analysis, as well as personal experience as an Autistic woman and parent of an Autistic child, to help individuals navigate the needs of their loved ones aged 2-99. My coaching services include helping caregivers manage harmful behaviors, teach new, functional, and age-appropriate skills, and provide guidance on how to handle situations as they arise.

Moreover, I understand that receiving a diagnosis can be a stressful time for caregivers, and thus I also offer coaching on how to navigate support after diagnosis. With a commitment to serving underrepresented populations, I strive to ensure that every person receives the care and support they need to thrive.


Joy McKinney

I have spent my life living my passion to serve and help people around the world. My mission has taken me to over 40 countries serving in humanitarian, leadership & development and training capacities. I have spent 25 years successfully building organizations and businesses domestically and internationally. This has given me a global mindset and has afforded me the opportunity to work harmoniously in culturally diverse environments. 


Life imitates art.  And that artistry moved me to pivot to a greater passion that has challenged and increased my effectiveness more than the years that came before.  What started as an unexpected part-time supplementary service 10 years ago, became a full time passion!  I am a Music and Performance Teacher to an amazing neurodiverse group of students who range in age from young to young at heart. This has been one of the most impactful and meaningful experiences of my life!  


Leslie Stewart

I’m Leslie. I’m a voice-over talent, CEO, and Creative Director of Lavesh Music; a music and media company I began with my wife Keir. We’d had an amazing 20+ years in advertising, which ultimately led us to start our own company in 2018. Since then we’ve had the privilege of producing content for the likes of McDonalds, Coke, Ad Council, and others.

Ericka and I have been friends since we were kids. I was so honored when she called and asked if I would be the voice of this extraordinary program. ‘Shape Our Village’ has given me the opportunity to be part of something truly commendable. It also provides fresh insight on my top priority: Being a great husband and father to my beautiful wife, and our two amazing girls. 


Myara Poliarco

I am a social studies teacher from the Philippines. I recently graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Diplomacy and International Relations with specialization in East and Southeast Asian Studies. Growing up with a teacher as a mom, I have been familiar with the art of education for most of my life. I also work with an NGO that advocates for democracy and women, peace, and security. Part of my work is also taking part in research projects on areas such as peace and climate security conducted by my alma mater in partnership with other foreign organizations. 

While I am passionate about social issues and take active participation in politics, I have also done a lot of work in media and communications. I have worked for creative and multimedia teams in campaigns, schools, theater, and businesses. 


Shawna Benge 
MA Education Leadership,
Ed Specialist Credential

I am a co-founder and coach at Shape Our Village. In my role as a coach, I partner with families in order to identify challenges, design individualized plans for support, and provide partner coaching to implement support. When a child shows a need for specialized care, it can lead to frustration and sometimes despair in families not equipped to support them. As a coach, I  connect families and individuals to strategies and resources necessary for building their ability to confidently support their child. 

I am a 20 year veteran Education Specialist with extensive work in Behavioral/Emotional Disabilities. I am also a Program Specialist for Student Engagement and Support. I am dedicated to supporting families to build healthy habits and connections to live and thrive.

I am the proud mom of two precocious boys, ages 14 and 19, both neurodivergent. I'm grateful for the gifts my children’s neurodivergent nature brings to my life and the world. I look forward to partnering with you to build a deeper understanding of your child and your family in a supportive village community.


Venessa Tostado, MS,
Pursuing BCBA

I am an aspiring BCBA with a Bachelors of Science in Marine Science from Stony Brook University. After spending years in a career fueled by my love of the environment and animals, I received a Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University.

My passion for people has driven me to complete the Growing Opportunities for Leadership Development certification program, giving me the ability to maximize the potential of my peers by building effective teams. I believe with good leadership, consistency, and teamwork, dynamic problems are broken down into manageable solutions. Above all, I am a mom to a baby girl who shares my love of the outdoors and motivates me to aim higher in all I do.

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