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Rewire the brain to expect success.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

It is possible to rewire your brain to expect success.

Neuroplasticity is a game changer.

It means that we can grow our brains.

I can only imagine how knowing this would have changed my school experience. Instead of constantly questioning whether or not I was smart enough or whether or not other students would think my question was stupid, I would have been learning.

Imagine that.

Instead of the shame wash I felt when I was called on, I would have felt curious. Instead of attaching my worth to my intelligence, I would have been growing my skills.

Children learn who they are through their interactions with us and their world.

That means every thought. Every word. Every action. There are a million opportunities in every moment to teach our children that they are curious capable learners.

What is your child's developmental level? What is their ability for a given task at this moment?

What skills do you need to teach them so they can navigate this world successfully? How do you teach the skills? Is your response reinforcing a behavior that you don't want to see? Is your parenting gentle enough... or too gentle?

There are so many questions and there is no manual. It can feel isolating and lonely.

Shape Our Village is a group of behavior analysts, counselors, and parents.

We use our experience and expertise and the wisdom of science to develop a roadmap toward intentionally shaping your family system. We use the art of relationship and partnership with your unique family to meet you and your child where you're at and to co-design a plan to meet your child at their developmental level, build their ability to take on tough tasks, and strengthen your own ability to respond to behavior in ways that create deep and lasting connections with your child.

Join the Shape Our Village Community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to our blog. Contact us for support.

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