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"It is a very challenging situation when you are providing parenting counseling for parents living in different households. Both households have to be practicing the same parenting for any counseling to be effective. I noticed in my 6 sessions that you did a really good job of this. Making sure we were both practicing the same newly acquired skills. One of the biggest challenges we were having was that our child was playing both parents in different households off of each other. If one of us had a rule that she didn’t like, she would cry and ask for the other parent. Throughout the 6 sessions we worked on many skills that completely eliminated this ongoing problem from our lives. We both developed some skills and language that will be part of our daily lives until she is 18, or probably even into her 20’s and 30’s lol. For example, instead of just punishing her, we would have activities she liked that were scheduled throughout the day, which we threaten to take away if she doesn’t listen. Before our sessions, we would only focus on what punishment we could do now and not think towards the future. Another example is rewarding her good behavior. Instead of always being in the moment when she is good and reacting when she is bad, we react when she is good instead. There are so many takeaways that I continue to use in my parenting repertoire. I really appreciate the time we had together and know that your programs are going to help people around the country. Thanks again!"

San Marcos, TX

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